While searching through a dewy meadow, I came upon this immobile dragonfly.  It was too early for the best, golden lighting, but this creature had moved twice.  I figured I better just expose my two rolls of film and hope for the best.

Minolta 800, Minolta 200 mm Macro Lens, Cable Release, Gitzo 1325 Tripod, Fujichrome Provia F.   F/16

By the time I reached this meadow, I had hiked a fast paced mile in hot/ humid conditions, endured many yellow biting flies, scared a wild hog off the trail, and sat on sticker-laden vines!  I was wondering if this venture was really worth it.
Looking back, I'd say the image was worth the trouble. 

Minolta 800, Minolta 200 mm Macro Lens, Gitzo 1325 Tripod, Cable Release, Fujichrome Velvia, f/16