I think the right lighting can make anything in nature look gorgeous!  This backlit Common Milkweed caught my attention very early one morning. 

Minolta 800, Minolta 200 mm  Macro Lens,  Cable Release, Silver Reflector, Gitzo 1325 Tripod, Fujichrome Velvia,   f/16

This Wild Columbine isn't exactly wild, since it doesn't grow here.  I photographed this beautiful flower on a cloudy day at the Houston Arboretum.  Sometimes colors can be more saturated on days as such.

Minolta 800, Minolta 200mm Macro Lens, Gitzo 1228 Tripod, Cable Release, Fujichrome Provia F,   f/16

Nature's golden, morning light has a way of making even simple things such as this pod look very beautiful!  I had bypassed this common pod, but  I'm grateful I went back to this elegant subject.

Minolta 800, Minolta 200 mm Macro Lens, Gitzo 1325 Tripod, Cable Release, Fujichrome Velvia,  f/16