Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks are year round residents at Brazos Bend State Park.  They are usually very skittish, so I was surprised of their tolerance on this drab, gray day.

Minolta 800, Minolta 400/4.5 Lens, matching 1.4 teleconverter, Gitz0 1325 Tripod, Fujichrome Provia F,  f/8

I will never forget photographing this Yellow Crowned Night Heron in such  incredible light!  There is a phenomenon called Spotlighting which occurs in nature.  I've only witnessed this type of light once, and how fortunate I was to have such a willing subject, also!

Minolta 800, Minolta 400/4.5 Lens, 1.4 teleconverter, Gitzo 1228 Tripod, Fujichrome Provia,  f/6.7

My second trip to Galveston was more pleasant, temperature wise, than the first.  This Brown Pelican settled very close by and kept an eye on me, also.

Minolta 800,   Minolta 400/4.5  Lens,   Gitzo 1325 Tripod,   Fujichrome Provia F,    f/8